Habibi in Coventry

“I went to this place yesterday with a group of 12 friends, we sat upstairs where the seats were low and this really added to the restaurant theme. Having looked at the menu it was pretty confusing on what a Mezze is and the portion sizes, however the waitress had saved us the confusion and explained the menu.  Me and my other half ordered the Mezze and a main course to share.  The food (when it finally arrived) was delicious!!  There was a selection of starters in small portions – which was just right for sharing.  The best part was that all starters are vegetarian :-). 
There was a large selection of vegetarian food, which I’m sure would have all tasted scrumptious.  I decided to order the vegetarian Tagine for mains – this was very authentic and the rice was very fragrant and delicious!  I would love to recreate this dish at home (with my own twist of course).  As nice as the Tagine was, I found it really salty as it contained olives, pickled lemon and the chef had added salt (not a good combination) – a suggestion would be to leave the salt if you’re cooking with olives and pickled lemon as this is enough to season the dish!!  After eating our food, we went outside to smoke the Sheesha and listen to Arabic music, this was an amazing experience as it felt like we were abroad.  Although the experience was good overall, don’t expect your food to arrive quickly as we waited an hour for our mains to arrive.  The whole experience is to indulge, relax and socialize with people – hence why I didn’t mind waiting.”
Great place to eat!
  • Food Quality  4/5
  • Atmosphere 5/5
  • Choice 3/5
  • Price 3/5
  • Overall 4/5

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